Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's Blooming in Central Texas July 2009

Though Texas is behind several inches in rain this year, compounding a deficit from last year, there still are flowers and plants to be found blooming. This will be the beginning of my "Hardier than Heck" list for Central Texas.
Palo Verde
Turk's Cap
Morning Glory, native and non-native
Trumpet Vine
Yellow Bells
Pink Skullcap
Butterfly weed
Coral honeysuckle
Coral vine
Pride of Barbados
Pink Pavonia
American Beauty Berry
Antique Roses and Knock-Out Roses
Chili pequin
Desert Willow
Purple Coneflower
Thai ruellia
These are blooming in managed landscapes and ultra-low maintenance landscapes!!!! And I mean we are low on water! Last year the area was short nearly 50% and this year looks to be the same so far.

And here is a list of what's just plain living despite the high temperatures and low humidity (relatively-for us).
Mountain Laurels
Agaves, agaves, agaves
Yaupon Holly
Native Pecan
Prickly pear
Bear grass
Little blue stem
Texas sage
Lindheimer muhly
Inland Sea Oats (Wood Oats)
Pomegranate Trees
Fig Trees-if well established
Hackberry-can't be avoided
Cedar Elms
Red Oak
Babmoo muhly
Salvia greggii
Mexican Buckeye
Mexican Plum
Trailing Rosemary seems to be better than upright
Spanish Lavender

Here's what is not living in this climate
Turf grass of any kind! Stop spending good money on treated water for St. Augustine, Bermuda, and really even Zyosia. Try Buffalo Grass for sunny areas. Create more gardens, surround them with borders to hold water when it does rain. Let anything go that you are finding yourself watering everyday!
Dwarf and thin Liriope
Japanese Maples
Japanese Auralia
Cast Iron plant-get it out of the sun