Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blue and White Mistflower are Hardy

There is no reason to reiterate that it is hotter'n heck in Central Texas. Two years behind in rainfall, trees are dropping like flies. Look at it this way, less mosquitos than normal, people learning to conserve water, and the hardiest of the hardy plants are getting loving affection! Here is a flower to plan on adding to your garden next year. Blue and White mist flower. Two different plants, do not be confused. Blue mist, Conoclinium coelestinum, has been blooming off and on over the summer, its kind of in a lull now in most areas but should bloom again. White mist, Ageratina havanensis, is hanging in there and should blow out for us any day now. End of summer, fall is normal bloom time for white mist. White mist is found growing wild along the Texas Colorado, in shady areas under small trees, in the creek banks and woodland edges. It is stunning when paired with purple lorapetalum. White mist is a shrubbier flower as opposed to wildflower.

Blue mist is more of a wildflower, herbaceous plant. It grows about 12-18 inches tall and spreads readily. Both are very low water users. And, as you can see, both are great butterfly attractors!

Other hardy babies blooming and growing now: flame acanthus, pink scull cap, and rough leaf daisy is soon to come!

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